Christmas Minis 2020

I've had many of you reach out asking about my Christmas Minis this year- And as much as I would LOVE to do them and to see your smiling faces I just can't put any of my clients or myself at risk. I have thought a lot about it and with indoor minis being back to back, and the use of props etc... it's just way too risky- Times are different right now and I would feel terrible if one of my clients called a day later to say that they wasn't feeling well and had to be tested for COVID- then I would need to reach out to every client that had a mini that day to let them know that there is a possibility that their family could have been exposed to the virus. Of course I can sanitize between each session- and do my absolute best to clean every area. However; I typically have 15-20 sessions each day when I do minis- and families are sometimes entering as quickly as another family is leaving. and YES I could space them out more- however the recommendation is at least 24-48hrs between sessions IF indoors- so I just don't see it being possible. I know that not everyone would agree with me, and that's fine. I'm doing what I feel is best for my clients and my business. I'm definitely going to miss all of you that come year after year- Hopefully I will see you at one of my outdoor mini events soon!


* I am still booking 2021 indoor cake smashes as well as newborn sessions - There will be at least 24 hrs between session times and a thorough cleaning of props, and studio room before each clients arrival.

OUTDOOR TREE FARM MINIS- I am considering those- without the use of any props this year. AND ONLY If I can find a time to add it to my schedule. My calendar is basically full for the next two months- so more than likely it would be October 3rd or late November/early December. IF these are a go then they will be posted in my VIP group first.

I have linked the Healthy at Work Guidelines for photographers in Kentucky

Healthy at Work in Kentucky- Photographers