From the moment you book your wedding with me I want to be more than just a vendor, I want to become your friend and will walk the journey together! From the very beginning when we talk, and I meet you both at your engagement session I will make you feel at ease, laid back and to be yourselves- I want to get to know you- and your story! Please know that when you book with me you will be in good hands and I will take good care of you.

Planning out your wedding day can take a little time- however if not done correctly it can cause some unwanted stress and be come overwhelming- To serve my couples I wanted to put together a simple timeline to help relieve some of the stress. After all your day should be all about enjoying every moment without worry. Following this guide on your wedding day will help keep it running smoothly. I've photographed many weddings, both small and large, this simple guide can be used to plan your own wedding, customize it to however you would like. AND if you have questions and need my help please don't hesitate to contact me.

* Don't forget to add in travel time, especially if you will be getting ready at a location other than the venue, or if your reception is at another location.


(30-45 minutes)

Details are very important and tell the story of your day and is where I like to start when photographing your wedding! After all is said and done your wedding details can take you back in time. The dress, shoes, rings, invitations, special gifts... and all the details that make your day special! I ask that you have all tags off clothing, shoes, jewelry- dresses out of bags and hung on the hanger that you would like them photographed on. Have all the dresses, accessories, shoes, jewelry, veil, favorite perfume, an extra copy of your wedding invitation with envelope, any RSVP cards, menu cards, program, save the date cards... etc... .. so that I can add these to the detail shots. I will also bring my full arsenal of items that I will use to style your details, including ring boxes, trinket boxes, small dishes, velvet, satin and silk ribbon and many other items to enhance your details!

TIP:  Ask your florist to provide a few extra flowers for your detail shots!

TIP: Have your rings cleaned before your wedding day so that they sparkle!


(30-45 minutes)

The Grooms details are just as important as the brides- I start off with the details such as the shoes, suit, tie, watch and details the groom will be wearing. Before they suit up - I will capture moments of the groom horsing around with his best guys, relaxing and just being themselves. Groomsmen can be fully dressed- however the groom will wait to put on his last minute details such as his tie, jacket, boutonniere, watch... Then I will move on to capturing the final touches of the groom (getting into his suit jacket, adjusting tie, shoes... all the things, groom only shoots, the man of the hour with his best buds (this is the time to bring out a drink to have a good luck toast/shot!

TIP: Please have someone designated to putting the boutonnieres on the guys- this is a detail that can easily be missed.... as the boutonnieres are typically not in the same area with the guys.



(60-90 minutes)

By this time I have already photographed all of the bridal details, all the groom details and groom shots... NOW that we have the perfect photos of all the wedding details it's time for the bride to have a toast with her bridesmaids- If you all have robes/shirts this is the time to get those shots... before getting changed - this is when you FINALLY know that it's REAL... you will be marrying the man of your dreams! AND all the months of planning have come together for the most perfect day! At this time I will photograph finishing touches to brides make up and hair, putting on the dress and jewelry, mom helping bride get ready shots, and any first looks with your bridal party/dad.... and then a bride only session- then I will bring in the girls for group shots, any other special request.... and.... THEN if you choose to do a first look we will do that at this time!

TIP: Set your timeline so that when I arrive, all the hair and makeup is completed- or in the final touches stage. These shots are typically staged.


(30-60 mins)

Depending on the type of ceremony

Can you believe it..... It's finally happening! Your moment is here.... the walk down the aisle, the first look, the exchange of vows, exchanging of the rings and that kiss that seals the deal! Don't forget to let me know of any special details that may happen during the wedding- such as special moments where you have included your parents, lighting of candles, anything specific that you want photographed please let me know.

TIP: Be sure to stop and pause after you are pronounced husband and wife, look around your ceremony at your guests- see the pure joy and happiness that they have for you in that moment..... as you are heading down the aisle hand in hand... stop in the middle and kiss, do a twirl.... all of these exciting moments make great memories for me to capture. Also.... remind your bridal party to take their time as they go down the aisle-


(20-30 minutes)

This is where you decide if you want to have a receiving line or wait and greet your family and friends at the reception- If you forgo a receiving line please have the preacher announce that there will be a reception and that the bride and groom has asked that they go on and enjoy- and that you will catch up with them after photos. UNLESS you want them in photos.... IF so please also have the preacher announce that anyone in photos to stick around this will include parents, siblings, wedding party, preacher, grandparents, any special loved ones, friends that you would like in photos. Be sure to remind everyone prior to the ceremony on where to meet so that we can begin. The faster the better! So that your guest do not have to wait any longer than they have to.

TIP: When deciding on family/friend group shots please designate someone to be in charge of organizing the family shoot to make sure that everyone is there and accounted for! It's easy for family to get lost in the moment and leave without realizing that they are needed.


(30 minutes)

Can you believe it!!!! You are husband and wife! All of the months of planning has finally paid off and your special day is here.. happening... It's official! Now it's time to savor the alone time you will have by allowing me to capture special moments of the new Mr. and Mrs... .as you sneak in those little moments- before the rush of the reception. More than likely you will not have any other alone time the rest of the evening until the last guest has left. These portraits are the most important of the day, as these are the ones that you will display on your walls, the ones that you look back on year after year as you celebrate your anniversary.

TIP: As many couples are more traditional and stick with not seeing one another before the wedding, I always recommend doing a first look and your bride/groom shoot before the ceremony so that your guest only have to wait on your for a short time after the wedding.


I ask that as many details as possible be set up early in the day, such as the entire set up- tables, chairs, gift table, decorations, flowers, this will allow me to capture your entire venue, table scapes and reception set-up before family and friends arrive- AS once they start arriving it makes it very difficult for me to be able to photograph those details with a room full of people. Once the cake is set up I ask that someone please let me know- I realize that sometimes that cake cannot be put out too early- because of weather or other reasons. Once we finish the bride and groom portraits and head to the reception I will capture you being announced, as well as special moments such as the first dances, bouquet toss, garter toss, cutting of the cake and special toast-

TIP: I suggest that you do all of the special events of the reception within the first hour- as many of your guest will be ready to leave, especially the older guest and those with children. That way no one misses those special moments. Be sure to find me and to let the DJ know before you begin any of the events so that I can capture every second and so that the DJ can make everyone aware.

If you've made it this far I'm thrilled to have kept you engaged throughout what a full wedding day may look like- As you can see your day will more than likely take at least 7+ hrs... with added time for your hair, makeup etc...

AND lastly I am here to help you in any way that I can to make your day run smoothly, we can work together on your timeline so that you feel confident and that your day will run as planned. Let me tell your story!

With all my love,

Tammy Sue!