Blessings and Lessons Learned

Reflecting on 2019 as a small business gives me all sorts of emotions!   I think about the fact that my career of more than 13yrs had just ended on December 3rd 2018,  I wasn’t sure exactly where I was going, I just knew that no matter what happened that photography would be a BIG part of my journey-  After all I had poured my heart and soul into it for years!   Plus I already had several workshops planned for 2019, I was signed up for online courses with my favorite photographer,  I was booked solid through November and still receiving inquiries.   BUT....  I still had many goals to achieve!   And I did just that!   Not only did I manage to spend more time with family and friends (which was at the top of my priority list).  I also succeeded in all of my photography goals .  

IN 2019 I accomplished so much!  

📸 Finished my in-home studio space- which bigger news to come for my studio space-  it’s been in the works with a few hiccups - that’s okay though.  

📸 Photographed countless weddings, seniors, newborns, brides and families. 

📸 Attended a two day in person workshop with world famous photographer Cara Lee Case where we learned all about newborn photography. 

📸 Attended the Red Elephant Studio workshop for the 2nd... maybe 3rd year in a row- this team is amazing!  I gained so much knowledge about newborns, families, seniors and about myself.  This team is based on faith and devotion-which always inspires me and makes me feel right at home.  

📸 Attended The Malicotes Confident Co. Retreat-  where I met many women in business who shared their story of success. Including Coach Colene, she’s amazing!   These ladies all believe in me and give me confidence to pursue my dreams. 

📸 Attended The Malicote wedding Workshop where I gained so so much valuable information that I have started to implement into my business.  I can already see the positive results.  

📸 Attended Lindsey Boyd’s wedding workshop where I met photographers from all over who have that same passion as me.  Lindsey didn’t hold anything back and shared so much of her knowledge with us. 

📸 Attended Kelli Lynn’s film intensive workshop- I won the seat at Kelli’s workshop and so thankful that I did.  I had been following her for months and admired everything she stood for.   Meeting her and gaining a wealth of knowledge was everything!  

📸 Attended Nina Grays styled shoot- where she had the perfect styling details, along with a gorgeous bride and groom.  

📸 Spent countless online hours in Jasmine Stars Social Curator course- if you don’t follow her you should.  She’s the very first photographer that I followed  faithfully and have loved for years, no matter what if I’m having a bad day all I need to do is listen to her.  Such an inspiration! 

📸 Spent countless online hours in Katelyn James courses-  I now own them all.  Katelyn and Michael, husband and wife team have truly been through a lot and to watch their journey and to see them overcome devastation pushes me to become better in all ways!  

📸 I also planned and followed through with my very first styled shoot at Ashford Acres.   The venue, vendors and models were a dream team to work with.   So excited for my next one!  

📸 I attended several networking events hosted by local photographers and other industry leaders in my circle including The Kentucky Bride magazine launch where I cheered on many photographers/vendors who were published.   (I am a firm believer in supporting other businesses) Community over competition.... build a longer table not a higher wall.  

All the things I did yesterday are things that have laid the ground work for 2020 and beyond.  

📸 For the last month I have been mostly silent online so that I could spend my evenings working through these courses 

📸 I created and have printed my full bridal guide for 2020- anxiously waiting for them to arrive any day now. 

📸 Created my new bridal boxes for my committed brides- cannot wait to add the finishing touches!  I have delivered one though and my bride was so grateful and 


📸 I also have taken huge steps in re branding Tammy Sue Photography for 2020.   My website is finally 99% complete,  my new business cards and new gift certificates are in and my business coach is working with me to add the finishing touches to my social media accounts!   2020 is going to be amazing 

📸 Working with a great photographer for my personal branding shots - excited to work with and to meet Amanda.  

I feel as if I’m missing something here.....  The point is that the career that I once had does not define me and I’ve come to realize that no matter how much time passes there is NOT ONE thing that stands in my way of success except for me!  

I can definitely say that I’ve been very serious about where I’m going!   I am blessed and grateful to have such an amazing tribe.

My goals for 2020 are much much bigger than in 2019..... I already have several things planned including a workshop with the one and only Julie Paisley as well as spending several days at The Reset Conference where my itinerary is freaking amazing!!! I will get to meet three of my most favorite photographers.   And a few other surprises that I’ll keep to myself for now!  

Wishing Each and Every One of you much success in the New Year!

In 2020 I would LOVE if all of my friends would support me, share my post, hit the like/love button.  All these things are free...  And if you want to get some beautiful photos of your family book a session with me!   It truly means a lot to a small business like mine! 

I would also encourage you to support other local businesses in our little town- we can all succeed with your help!  

A side note!  

They say you should let go of something negative in 2019 that was taking up space.... so

One thing that sticks out in my mind the most- is more about a lesson learned.   For those who know me or follow me you know that I am a very genuine person...... I am an encourager, a helper .... my lesson learned- Don’t let anyone take advantage of your good heart. But also don’t let the events of what happen change you or make you bitter. 

Cheers to a successful 2020! 


Tammy Sue