I've been a professional photographer for at least the last twenty years. I started out small by photographing friends, their children and local sporting events and doing studio sessions from my living room. From there my business has grown, I have also grown as a person and as a boss lady. My hustle has been real, I've dedicated many hours to continuing my education, growing my network and overall just learning. I've photographed just about every type of session that you can think of. Saying all of that, I just want those that are struggling to know that it doesn't happen overnight, it takes time and if you hustle you will be successful in your journey.

Even after all of these years - just last year I turned a room in my home into a small studio space- it's VERY SMALL, but it's just enough space to photograph newborns, cake smashes, sitter sessions, small family sessions and branding/head shot sessions. OF COURSE I would love to have a larger space and one day I will- just waiting on all the kinks to get worked out.

So for now I will utilize the space I have and be grateful.